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Nobody flees without reason

Worldwide more than 50 million people are refugees. They flee because of war, destroyed natural resources, due to hunger and dead, hoping for a better life. Only few make it to Europe in the “praised land“ – most of them only get to the neighbor country. Lebanon, a country with 6 million residents has 1.15 million refugees, which is more than 1/6 of the population. A similar situation is found in Jordan, where 10% of all humans are refugees. Compared to that, the willingness of Europe to take refugees is hardly worth mentioning.

Many families pool their entire assets for the trip to Europe, the payment of smuggler and corrupt officers, to be able to send only one. Many doesn´t survive the travel.

The lucky few who make it are fronted by huge administrative machinery, to which they have to prove the “justification” of their flight. They endure in makeshift shelters and camps at conditions, which in some cases are beneath human dignity, sometimes for years. During this time they are not allowed to work, they don´t receive appropriate accommodation or education. They live in permanent suspense and fear of being deported.

It has to be established that the asylum system of Europe has collapsed. Now a policy of deterrence, including the classification of the arriving by economic utility and the negative definition of so called “Economic refugees” is used together with “consequent sanctions and deportation” for stemming the problem. This policy enforces racist baiting and fears, fueled by right movements. Pogrom kind riots and arson attacks sadly remind the 1990s in Germany, when the last big migration took place. Back then politics reacted by restricting the asylum law.

This strategy is deeply inhumane. Moreover it changes nothing. The humans fleeing due to desperation are neither kept back by harsh rhetoric nor by barb wire, since flight is their only perspective.

So far at least the frequently invoked “Welcome culture” seems remain mainstream but concrete improvements are missing and the mood could shift any time. While Germany allows itself to be lauded therefore, the political reality tells another story. Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro shall be added to the list of so called “secure countries of origin”. People coming from there are banned from working and must remain in the reception center for immigrants. The stay in the LEA shall be expanded to 6 months. The residents shall receive ration and cloth stamps instead of money. For simplifying deportations the federal police shall be included for deportations, anticipated processes shall be implemented and deportation prisons, like in Pforzheim shall be established. All these are examples for the intensified policies of reticence.

Not the refugees are the problem – the flight reasons are

Since centuries and until today the African continent has been exploited from Europe. The consumption and luxury society in the western industrial countries profit from the fact, that western corporations explore oil, valuable metals, uranium and other recourses under conditions which were unthinkable here, because their methods are protected by free-trade agreements. The results from the over-production in Europe, China and the USA; cheap meat, electrical scrap, climate change destroy the basis of existence of many humans. Weapons of European companies are used in wars and civil wars in the Middle East and Africa, the foreign policy of the NATO contributes to escalations, high street banks speculate at the exchange on the prices of food, the consumers agree with their “tight is right” attitude to the logic of exploitation and production.

Against this background the admission of refugees is no laudable turn of humidity but a natural duty, because of historical and actual responsibility. The work on flight reasons as yet is not recognizable.

The manner in which refugees are treated and the topic is discussed are thereby embarrassing inhumane. Refugees are criminalized, discriminated, put in camps and deported. The political rhetoric of „illegal sneaking into social systems“ is thankfully adopted by parts of the society to have an easy bogeyman for their own problems and fears of loss. They are “kicking top down“ instead of a dispute with the responsible decision makers and an examination with their own role. At many places there is not a bit of compassion noticeable.

On the other side there are the partly lauded, partly chided „do-gooders“, who collect clothes, distribute food, give language courses – voluntary assuming all the tasks, for which the state is actually responsible but doesn´t fulfill. This engagement is surely laudable, nevertheless the political dispute is missing as well as the a statement with distinct claims. Without these the helpfulness remains an extinguisher for governmental derelictions and never serves for a real culture of united life and exchange.

Finally assume responsibility

It is time that Europe and first of all Germany, which likely envisions itself as political leader of Europe assumes its responsibility. We claim concrete actions against flight reasons. Thereto belong a stop of weapon exports, a mandatory compliance of European environment and work standards of European companies and sub-companies in developing countries, fair payment and trade as imperative for all trade and not as luxury trademark, adjustment of wages in developing countries to European standards, prohibition and strict control of speculations on food at the exchange, a consequent stop of cooperation with regimes without democratic legitimation or which neglect human rights.

As long as the flight reasons exist the humans must be helped in their acute misery. This means legal migration ways must be established instead of fighting smugglers to end the business with the misery. The European border control by private companies (Frontex) must be ended. Social living space, language and integration offers as well as infrastructure and education opportunities must be provided in an adequate amount. The therefore needed money exists and must be authorized and distributed in Europe in a justly way.

In addition the continuing separation of refugees in camps must be stopped and the inclusion in apartments and social life must be take place. The discrimination based on passports is injustice – everyone is supposed to have the right on freedom movement and to travel.

Getting active for a political change

For a political change it is necessary that many humans campaign for it united. The mischiefs occur everywhere and nothing will change until humans get active.

Karlsruhe is a scene of inhumanity, too. Because besides the refugee relief is active for refugees with many helpers, here is also the site of the “Landeserstaufnahmestelle LEA”, the reception center for refugees in the state of Baden-Württemberg, of the Federal Agency for Migration BAMF and the “Regierungspräsidium”. The BAMF plays an important role for the decision on the stay of refugees. For expediting asylum processes the definition of so-called “secure countries“ is misused and the individual right on asylum is bypassed. The Regierungspräsidium is leading responsible for deportations in the south-western area in Germany. Under its leadership dozens of collective deportations have been made from the Baden Airpark in 2015. Old peaple, small children and whole families are sent back to poverty and pursuit. The deportations are enforced by all available means also by use of violence against activists.

On october 30th and 31st we want to set an example together, send a signal to the authorities and give the peaple a wake-up call. Many courageous humans give power to our claims and support going one step towards a better life for refugees and a better world for all. Take part.

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